District Director’s Note

We all have a choice to invest in ourselves or not to. I have been investing in myself, honing my skills and learning new ones through the Toastmaster programme for many years.

I have continued to do that as it has given me opportunities that I would never have had without this investment in myself and working the programme, diving in and taking everything I could from Toastmasters.

To the best of my ability, I have tried to lead this District to achieve greatness by serving the members of our great organisation. Members are our biggest asset because without you, our members, we do not have Clubs or Areas or Divisions or an organisation or a District.

I know currently in our lives the world is in turmoil and many of us have an uncertain future. What is certain about the future is that unless you hone your skills and learn new skills, your future will be bleak – take control of your life and ensure your future.

The only way we can have control of our future and our lives is by investing in ourselves, so invest in yourself by renewing your Toastmasters membership.