Note from the Editor

What month is it anyway?

In case you don’t know the answer to the question, it’s a month of changes. Yep, March promises to challenge us with changes. If the month stays true to itself this year, we will experience March heralding in a bit of winter one day followed by summer the next. March can start out the day sunny and beautiful only to change to a cold spell all over the neighborhood! March is a great teacher, teaching us to roll with the punches and take nothing for granted. Teaching us to cherish the good and work through the “not so good”, teaching us to persevere and come through stronger.

March will see us reveling in more clubs that charter, rejoicing when members renew their membership, and praising those clubs who reach Distinguished before April 1st by qualifying with goals met and members renewed. March will also see us working diligently to help prospective clubs obtain those last few members, holding more Open Houses to convert guests into members and encouraging our members to reach their goals. All the efforts we put into helping prospective clubs, the work that goes into those Open Houses and the enjoyment our members receive when they complete a goal will result in rewards for the future. Let’s embrace the many changes March has in store for us, let’s M-A-R-C-H on to victory! President’s Distinguished awaits us all!

Have you booked your place for the upcoming MayCon? Submitting renewal payments on time is extremely important for the upcoming contest season as all contestants and judges must be in ‘Good Standing from a club in Good Standing’. This time of the year is busy with trainings and contests; however it is always important that we remember to keep on top of public relations and advertising our clubs to the wider public.

Fellow Toastmasters, the entire District would love the opportunity to celebrate with you. What’s going on in your Club, Area or Division? Write an article and share a photo on any of the regular 4 pillars, New Member Moment, Mentor/Mentee, Emissary and Social Events. Articles are limited to between 50-100 words along with a high quality photo of yourself or a representation of the event. Send them to the Editor at  and Cc

In all you do, remember safety is paramount. Mask up and sanitize.