District Director’s Note

Congratulations to those clubs who had a plan to achieve the Smedley Award (to add 5 new members to their club in the months of August and September) and pay their Semi-Annual dues on time and achieved these goals. Equally important is congratulations to those clubs who had a plan but just did not achieve the goal.

Why would I say that?

If you have a plan and you don’t quite reach your goal you can then go back to the drawing board and see why the goal wasn’t met and what needs to be tweaked in the plan. Put the right course corrections in place and get your club Verified Complete or to achieve the next membership drive goal – Talk Up Toastmasters. Although there are three membership drive challenges a year from Toastmasters International, each club should have a plan to recruit new members every single month so as to spread the Toastmasters Programme and the positive impact that the programme has on the lives of our members.

If you have no plan, then you have no idea why the goal wasn’t met. In your life, professionally, personally and on your Toastmaster Journey – Do you have a plan? Does your Club?

In every facet of your life, if you don’t have a plan on how to achieve your goals then you are planning to fail. I challenge each of you to strive for progress and put a plan into place for every single one of your goals, not matter how big or small they might be!!