Note from the Editor

What is it about summer, especially this year’s summer that seems to let us all breathe a little bit easier? Maybe a vacation is not on the cards this time around, but with the arrival of summer and as countries in District 74 begin to loosen months of lockdown restrictions from Covid19, its only natural that people are itching to get out and about. As some clubs adopt hybrid meetings, let’s keep the risk low by being vigilant in the fight against Corona.

My thanks to this edition’s cover star, Gavin Chisholm, the Division I Director for granting me an interview where he talks about how his Division can make a difference by working together. Find out more inside.

In addition to the regular pillars our readers have come to expect, this issue has a special feature on our very own editorial member, Shaun Goodbrand who recently celebrated his 30 year milestone as a Toastmaster. You can also find out why the CFR dashboard is no longer publicly accessible and sign up for the Mentors Without Borders upcoming programme.

Until next time, I will leave you to your travels in time and space as you read these and the other articles in this issue.

Please remember that the biggest impact is in continuing our physical distancing efforts.


Editor’s Note: Apologies to Central Centurion Toastmasters Club

The editorial team apologises for publishing an image that did not reach our publishing standards. For the 1 September edition, Central Centurion Toastmasters Club (CCTM) submitted a piece entitled CCTM clinches World Number 5 ranking. This is a huge milestone for the club and District 74 but the image used then was blurry and not in line with our mission to report with excellence.

We take great pains to ensure the quality of stories and images we publish, but doing so was a needless mistake that our team deeply regrets. We will use this unfortunate incident as a teaching moment to ensure that our quality checking processes prevent such grave errors in the future.

We understand the reputational impact this error had on Immediate Past President, Jeminah Maema, Club President, Yonela Motloung, and the members of CCTM, and we sincerely apologize to the club. 

Please click here to access the revised write-up and image, published on 1 September 2020.