District Director’s Note

If it is not fun then it is not Toastmasters!

-Dr Ralph Smedley

I would like to propose a Toast from District 74 to the founder of our amazing organisation, Toastmasters International, Dr Ralph Smedley.

On the 22nd of October, our organisation celebrates its 96th anniversary! Can you imagine how many lives Dr Ralph Smedley’s legacy has touched and changed over the last 96 years?

As members of this organisation we also need to celebrate ourselves and each other for embarking on this amazing journey of self-development, self-discovery and taking the steps to becoming the best versions of ourselves. Every member in District 74’s life has changed, in different ways, due to the vision and wisdom of our Founder. I wish each member and leader in District 74 all the best in achieving your goals, whatever they may be, as we all strive for progress!!

A famous Dr Ralph Smedley quote is, “If it is not fun then it is not Toastmasters!” My addition to that is, if you are not having fun then you are possibly doing something wrong, so make a change and start having fun again.

This journey is the best investment you can make in yourself, particularly at this time when new skills and upskilling yourself is critical to retain your job, improve your business or move from unemployment to employed. It may be tough for you to do this, however, the benefits will far outweigh the sacrifice!! Remember that the Garmeson Trust is there to help and support you if you need it. Click on this link to find out more; https://toastmasters74.org/financial-assistance/

Celebrate the milestone of this organisation’s 96 years of empowering people by introducing Toastmasters to a friend, a colleague or family member because, growing your Club, your Area, your Division and our District is the best way to pay tribute to Dr Ralph Smedley and his vision.