Division S – Significantly imparting knowledge to every member

How am I feeling? I’m grateful for the opportunity to have served my Division and all its members. It was challenging because the team and I started just after the Covid pandemic broke out and we had to do things differently, which was something out of the norm. However we made it work. I am looking forward to working with the incoming Division Director and share the knowledge that I have gained in the last 12 months in the same role.

My highlight was working with a diverse and dynamic team of Area Directors and learning their leadership styles. I also now know how to approach them and motivate them to achieve the goals they set for themselves at the beginning of the year. We chartered 2 clubs, of which one took over six months and the other one took less than a month to charter. This really showed me the importance of collaboration with other people, hence the latter club was chartered quicker. Overall, I am grateful for the opportunity to learn, stretch myself and grow.

Sandile Selaule – outgoing Division S Director

I am the next Division S Director which includes 23 Clubs in Johannesburg,
Soweto, Bloemfontein and Lesotho. I have a willing and committed team of Area Directors.

In my view, every member will matter when every member has been mentored. What we normally see is that in many clubs, only a few members benefit from the Toastmasters programme. I am one of those members because, after joining, I did not need to be shown around. I just went on with the programme. Other members, however, join and then sit on the fringes, then soon after, they are gone. I strongly believe that if we religiously use the Toastmasters mentoring programme and ensure that each new member has a mentor then we will have many members staying. That is why, together with my team, we want to make mentoring a standard, because every member matters.

Tiro Molebatsi – Division S Director elect