Emissary – Esther Mutimhodyo

I am Esther from Old Mutual Club in Harare. To date, I have visited 4 clubs and have benefited by receiving feedback from people not familiar with me as I get a different perspective. My knowledge on Toastmasters roles has also increased as well. I am learning how to improve on my own speeches from listening to other people’s speeches.I believe the following reasons are why being an emissary should be a part of any Toastmaster’s activities.

  • Do it to experience a different audience, to learn presentation skills and how other club meetings are run.
  • Do it to search for speaking slots especially if you fail to find one at your club because you will be coordinating.
  • Do it to offer support, to show you are a part of the bigger international Toastmasters’ community.
  • Do it to break the monotony of hearing speeches from people you already know.
  • Do it to present to and receive feedback from other members who you are not familiar with.
  • It’s the best way to increase your social connection and grow your social network.
  • It is a quicker way to advance with your project.