Emissary – Maria Teresa Huber

Early Sunday morning, an eagerly awaited message from Toastmaster Galvin, from a club in Indonesia, popped up on my screen. Without hesitation and with excitement, I forwarded the invitation from Senayan Central Business District (SCBD) Toastmasters meeting to my clubs, Executive Club in Harare and International Toastmasters club.

I was delighted to see that three members from different clubs attended the meeting with me. Once the meeting began, the excitement grew. I felt the need to implore our Division clubs to join. I wanted to share the experience.

It was an enlightening session. The speakers were on top of their game! I learnt how to use the monitor to show results being calculated in real time instead of vocal reporting. They shared their website and promised to join our next meeting. I was honoured to share my thoughts on what I thought was a breathtaking experience.

At the end of the meeting, I felt that I was in a different part of the world! Yes, I was in Indonesia. I felt relaxed and at peace without having to spend a single cent on a return ticket.