Mentor/Mentee – Palesa Katleho Makoti and Mpho Ravele

We are both members of Anglo Easy Speakers in Marshalltown, Gauteng, South Africa. Our mentorship experience is characterised by RAW HONESTY – and we both love it! If Mpho has botched a speech, she knows exactly who the first person will be to tell her so, literally. (and use those words, “botched” rather than “what you could improve”). She appreciates unequivocal feedback, as clear unambiguous feedback is the key to proper remedial action. Mpho also provides me with honest and constructive feedback (especially when I am slow to act). She gives extremely valuable insights when we as the Exco do not conducted ourselves with excellence! This highlights the reciprocal nature of mentorship and I am privileged to be learning as much from Mpho as she is learning from me.