New Member Moment – Tsitsi Kachembere

Breaking out of a cocoon of shyness was, for me, like suddenly growing wings to fly. It was the need to start what had been planned and finish what had been started that drove me to join the Evolving Ladies Toastmasters Club in Harare, Zimbabwe. It was time to face my fears and conquer them. When I did my Icebreaker, I was scared and shaking but I soon realized that everyone in the club was there to support me and I was not alone. Only then did I feel like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Now every meeting that I attend is always a pleasure because I appreciate how I am never the same afterwards. This is the reason why I shall remain a Toastmaster because it’s a place where I learn new things everyday. Indeed knowledge is power and this all leads me back to one of my personal goals, that of being a powerful woman.