Mentor/Mentee – Rob Douglas and Nomaswazi Tinus

As the out-going VPE handing over to my successor, Nomaswazi Tinus, I maintained a Mentor – Mentee relationship with her over the first 6 months. We worked on the meeting programmes together but Nomaswazi immediately took on the #1 VPE priority herself, that being on-going continual communication with our club members.

In the online environment the role of the VPE becomes even more challenging. Another important aspect was maintaining the discipline of publishing a rigorously scheduled meeting programme for every meeting. In spite of the difficult circumstances this has been a highly successful year for Nomaswazi and for the club which will be President’s Distinguished.

Rob Douglas, DTM – Mentor

In June last year, I took over the role of Vice-President Education (VPE) for my club, CIS Toastmasters Club, and was mentored by Rob Douglas DTM.  We would meet once every 2 weeks to discuss the programme for meetings and he advised which roles were important and needed priority.  He also explained how the Distinguished Club Programme (DCP) works and what we needed to do to meet targets.  He has great patience to teach and impart knowledge and give you the tools to do the job – he is methodical, consistent and gives balanced feedback.  As a result, I was able to get up to speed quickly and run with the programme.  Not only is Rob a great mentor and a legend at Toastmasters, but he is also an invaluable asset to our club.

Nomaswazi Tinus – Mentee