Merryl was for everyone!

 From the newest Toastmaster to the most experienced, she had time for everyone! She had the energy for you.

If you wanted something, even if she did not have it, she would tap into her rich network to get you what you wanted. 

I will remember her for her tenacity! She would stop at nothing until she got what she set her mind to.

After Merryl was done with you and I, we became her superpower. 

Her legacy lives within us. 

Whatever Merryl wanted, it is still possible because of you and me.

Whatever you wanted from Merryl, it is still possible from you and me. 

Whatever the world needed from a Merryl, it is still possible because of you and me. 

All you and I need to do is to embrace her spirit, go out there and stop at nothing until we get it.

I always said to Merryl, take it easy now, rest, you have been at this for a long time. Now I understand why you were on overdrive. You reminded us that our time on earth is limited, you lived your life to the fullest.

May God rest your soul in peace. Till we meet again!

Frank Tsuro, DTM  

Region Advisor 2021/2022