Firm in action, Kind at heart

Merryl is around us, forever, as she can’t leave us.

My close association with Merryl started last year from the beginning of my term as the Region Advisor. Till recently, we discussed the specific status of the District, goals, success plan, conflicts and many other important elements. Merryl was always very clear in what she wanted to convey. No hesitation at all in expressing what she believed in, irrespective of whether others like it or agree with it. She was the iron lady. We had disagreements on many occasions, especially when we were discussing the District goals and numbers to reach Smedley Distinguished. Merryl was very clear – District 74 is aiming to be Distinguished, but the main focus is on overcoming the challenges the members face during this tough time. 

While she maintained the tough stand on her views, Merryl had no hesitation in apologizing when she was convinced what she said was incorrect. Once during our District Directors peer call, she openly apologized. She had that kind heart. Whenever we met, all in our group of District Directors, felt as a family. District 94 Director, Aminata, District 114 Director, Gladys and District 116 Director, Thayalan had that blessing of developing a strong family together with our beloved Merryl, during these peer calls.

Yes, she is around us. Merryl will live among us forever.

Sunil D. Kottarathil, DTM

Region 11 Advisor (2020-21)