Still striving for progress…Until we meet again

Dear Merryl,

I first got to truly interact with you as an Area Director in the previous Toastmasters year and was grateful for the advice you gave to me during a challenging part in my leadership journey. It was also a great pleasure to meet you at the TLI Indaba in November 2019.  Not one to mince your words, you boldly asked me that day “So, what’s your next (leadership) move?” 

It was an honour to serve alongside you this Toastmasters year. We didn’t always agree and that’s okay. I appreciated your courage to try new and outrageous things and your fierceness too. On several occasions, you told me “You and I are both goal-driven but you are not a hustler” and you were right. Perhaps that was your way of pushing me to be more fierce; more courageous and to take more risks. I will always remember that about you. You did everything with passion and determination. No challenge was too surmountable for you. In fact, you fought until your last day. For that, I salute you.  

It will take a while for me to heal from your sudden passing but I know that you’re resting. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be a hustler, but I promise to be just a little more fierce, more courageous and take more risks. After all, it was always ever about Striving for Progress.

Goodbye Merryl. I will miss you. Until we meet again.

Maud Nale, DTM

Public Relations Manager 2020/2021