New Member – Nosipho Marayi

Some people jump with joy when they accomplish their goals.

Others watch and applaud those achieving or doing well around them.

And then there are those that are entirely oblivious to their surroundings.

I have this euphoric sense of elation that refuses mediocrity, idleness, and lack of education; only because I have taken the first step towards my life-long dream of becoming an influential leader and accredited speaker through Toastmasters. I guess that is what happens when you are a late starter, whether by choice or circumstance…mine was a case of dreams projected through my kids for over 15 years, until KWASAA came along.

As a member of KWASAA Toastmasters and the current club VPE, I have learnt in three months what I could not in 15 years and I continue to learn, because the environment is conducive. The tribe (as we call ourselves) is a bunch of awesomeness. The sponsors and mentors of the club allow us to spread our wings and fly as high as we can but never out of sight, and always there to guide and catch us when those clouds seem too overwhelming and heavy to navigate with our fragile wings. The journey continues.