Note from the Editor

As we fast approach 31 March, the deadline for membership renewal, we must remember that membership is the lifeblood of Toastmasters, so no club can afford to remain stagnant. We must grow Toastmasters in order to survive and expand our services. That requires us to be flexible and innovative in our approach; as well as open to new sustainable strategies in order to perpetuate the almost century old legacy.

As we seek new members, let’s ensure that we retain our current ones, hence we have to focus on membership engagement. How accessible is your club to the type of members that you would like to attract? To what extent is your club promoting a culture of inclusiveness so that every member enjoys a sense of belonging? To what extent does your club practice inclusion and diversity in your composition, in your day-to-day planning, decision making and execution of tasks? Keeping each and every member engaged is important because every person brings on board new and enriching experiences and perspectives. Membership engagement also entails adding value to our members, both at the personal and professional level.

The articles that compose this newsletter once again testify to the diversity and inclusiveness of our District. It provides updates on the imminent contest season and the preparations that are underway in clubs including membership renewal. Also included is news on new members, mentoring relationships, emissary statistics and club news. The newsletter also alerts us on events happening in District 74 via the TLI calendar.

Contributions are vital to the continued success of this publication, and they are always welcome! I encourage members to please submit articles and share your thoughts and experiences with us under our usual pillars, namely, New Member Moments, Mentor/Mentee, Emissary and Social Events! You can reach us at, Cc with your 50-100 words articles accompanied by a relevant good quality picture.

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