Why I renew my membership – Ntsebeng Rakauoane

 “Don’t confuse simplicity with ineptitude!” The mere fact that communication is simple does not make effective communication skills less important. I still stand in awe since the first time I came into Toastmasters as a guest in June 2019 then converted to membership in October 2019 after realising that Toastmasters is not just about public speaking, but we also attain leadership skills. With me being the Vice President in Public Relations at Rainbow Toastmasters in Lesotho , I have acquired the skill of branding and marketing Toastmasters and learnt about how imperative it is for an organization to have it’s own unique colors that discern it from the rest. 

Taking roles like being Toastmaster of the Day in a formal setting full of members from all walks of life has given me a sense of being in charge, maturity and respect, especially as I am young and only 21. Such a worthwhile opportunity is rare to find. I will continue to renew my Toastmasters membership until the world sees toastmasters in me. As Dennis Waitley said, “You must continue to gain expertise but avoid thinking like an expert”. The knowledge in public speaking is infinite and it requires a high sense of tenacity to learn in order for it to be impactful in one’s life.

My name is Ntsebeng Rakauoane. And I urge you all Toastmasters to renew your membership and keep telling yourself that “THERE IS A NEW SHERRIFF IN TOWN AND I AM IN CHARGE! “