Note from the Editor

I hear a lot about FOMO (foh-moh) these days, meaning the Fear Of Missing Out or “a feeling of anxiety or insecurity over the possibility of missing out on something, like an event or an opportunity.” – Cambridge English Dictionary.

Consider this example: If you do not register for the Lekgotla La District 74 happening from May 6, you will get a bad case of FOMO! This sentence rings so true!! If you don’t attend our district MayCon, you will miss our first ever district online MayCon event.

Don’t be a victim of FOMO. Nip it in the bud by taking action now.  Sign up for free on today for the Conference so you can have access to some of the brightest minds, very profound learnings and life changing experiences. Guests are always welcome to attend and observe the activities during our meetings. Come and see if Toastmasters is for you, obligation free.

I wish to acknowledge the contributions made by the dedicated Editorial team. The continued popularity of the newsletter is a testimony to their commitment.

Thank you to the content contributors and readers of Achieving Excellence for your interest in the newsletter. I encourage you to continue  to send your invaluable feedback and your 50-100 words articles on our regular pillars to;

Always protect yourself and others.