Note from the Editor

We all go through life pursuing success. We set goals and work towards them. When we achieve them, we say we are successful. Those around us call us successful. Quite often, the world ‘measures’ our success using material indicators. Does she own a home? Tick.  Does she own a car? Tick. Does she own a luxury car? Double tick. The list goes on.  While some of these material indicators are necessities, they may not always make us happy. Then the question becomes, what makes us happy?

This edition’s cover star, Sandile Salaule, Division S Director, talks about going beyond the success of accomplishing individual goals. When these goals have an impact on others, that success can make us happy.  It will no longer be just success but significance.

Significance begins by stopping wherever you are on the journey to see what’s in your treasure box then reordering your life around its contents as you ‘step up to leadership’ in the Adopt a Club Initiative. Find out more about it inside.

It should be underscored that success isn’t necessarily bad.  Our drive to be the best we can be points to positive aspects of the human spirit.  Success that’s “all about me” has a way of leaving us empty.  Volunteers are the backbone of Toastmasters and we are grateful for the many members who answer the call when help is needed including Mentorship without Borders participant, Chantelle Ashley who is testifying to the many benefits of being mentored.

As you read through our regular pillars, you will find out that it’s more about moving from success to significance. Crafting your epitaph. Developing your personal and club strategy. Looking into your competence treasure chest. Pouring yourself into others and making a lifelong difference.

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