Note from the Editor

Admittedly, things are changing on a daily or even hourly basis. Today’s realities are quite different from what they were yesterday and vastly different from just last week. It takes a dynamic leader to be flexible, adaptive and willing to make prompt difficult choices. This edition’s cover star, Melissa Awu, new Division D Director is such a leader. She is testament to living your dream and that anything’s possible when you have a clear vision and focus and she is rising to the occasion by developing dynamic leaders and great communicators like her. 

We’re traversing online with a large dose of District 74 interactions – you can attend events or become part of the various Toastmasters programmes taking place in the District.  Read about them and one of our members who recently passed away, within the pages.

We bring you the stories from our usual pillars to inspire you so that your own vision, goals and dreams can become attainable to you in your own unique way.

Thank you for staying connected with Achieving Excellence. You’re a part of our team now and we look forward to continuously walking the journey with you. As usual we welcome your feedback and article submissions. Please send your high resolution captioned pictures and 50-100 word articles to: and Cc

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