Paying it forward with Mentorship without Borders

Ever since my Toastmasters journey started over 5 years ago, I have had access to experienced members which accelerated my success in and outside of this organisation. However, I realized later in this journey that I was one of the few privileged. Not everyone had a mentor. Others sought one, but weren’t as lucky as I was.  Since that realisation, it’s been a goal to extend that privilege. Thanks to Mentorship without Borders, we have such an opportunity to pay it forward.

As we head towards the season finale of the 1st season of Mentorship without Borders, one can’t help being reflective of this exceptional experience. From developing yourself as an effective mentor, and supporting different types of mentees appropriately; from identifying the available tools and resources to support effective mentor-protegee relationships and ultimately promoting value-based engagements. These skills have become essential in our personal and professional spaces too, more so , now more than ever, as the world becomes a global village.

The teams, all led by Distinguished Toastmasters, Edmore Gamundani, Gary Tintinger, Luyanda Thela and Merryl Jubber have been collaborating great ideas and initiatives that promise to make it possible for every club to have an effective and active mentorship privilege like I did. It’s about ‘Paying it forward’ after all.

I have immense gratitude to all the mentors who have been part of this programme. The team leaders who have given off their time and commitment to supporting each of these mentors in their journey. As we head for an interesting season 2, I am all agog for what is instore for the beneficiaries of this experience! Let us keep paying it forward.