Program Quality Directors – Change is the end result of all true learning

If anything is to go by, the ‘Exceeding expectations’ movement is one of the highlights I am looking forward to celebrating. As Program Quality Director (PQD), my role is no different to a corporate’s Head of Learning and Development. In Toastmasters, I look after all aspects of education and training for all members.

We are going to exceed your expectations by making sure that every member is oriented and has a mentor to assist them in reaching their goals. Every member ought to level up in their educational goals so as to reach their personal and/or professional aspirations.

We are going to exceed expectations when it comes to recognizing every member’s progress. When you, as a member, progress in your personal development, we benefit from the skills you would have developed; be it listening or better leadership.

My team and I would like to use your progress to serve as a showcase and inspiration for all.What are your expectations that you would like to see exceeded? Email me on and my team and I will do the rest!

Andrew Tsuro – Program Quality Director elect