Second round of Leadership Training underway in District 74

Enhance your club membership experience and grow as a leader by attending one of these professional leadership training sessions

To reserve your virtual seat for any of the training sessions, please click on the corresponding registration link:

Division A, D, Z (6 Feb):…/tJUtc-2uqz8sGNHhhuY11MtX81tfpEXz_a21

Division I (6 Feb):

Division M (6 Feb):…/tJMqdu6gqjkrHdI1EUneExzfez83T_aucs20

Division H, P, Y, S (13 Feb):…/tJErd-6tqzwqGNGMGvLpTHFZtN6pFj2hTPe5

Division O (13 Feb): TBA

Division M (20 Feb):…/tJAtcu6vqjoiHNBxYWgC6Fy0A3usWGYYJ707

Division M (28 Feb):…/tJYvd-iqrj4iGtSBGOK-y6Wof1Z5ZAhCOCZI