Social Event – Challengers Club and Centurion Breakfast Club come together

Thanks to Zoom that has created porous borders between Zimbabwe and South African Toastmasters’ members to meet and share perspectives on enjoying the benefits of public speaking, networking and transformative communication. Our recent joint meeting had an attendance of 21 diverse members. We had three prepared speeches and a humorous and thought-provoking Tabletopics session. Takudzwa Matandaware opened the prepared speeches session with a topic titled Leaders of Today & Tomorrow (Level 2.2), a serenade of music through a violin performance by TM Lucian Johnson with the speech titled Mentored through music (Level 2.3) and an informative panel discussion on Centurion Breakfast Club toastmasters’ journey to show TM Sefishi Monakgisi moderating prowess (Level 5.4). The tabletopics session lead by Ruvarashe Ndoora evoked salivating emotions on “amacimbi/madora/mopani worms/masontja), the debate on Oros (SA drink) vs Mazoe (Zim Drink) and a cultural visit to the majestic Victoria Falls. The meeting ended well with key takeaways on joint future meeting and encouraging members to be agile in their toastmasters’ journey.