Social Event – One year closer to The Future

I would like to propose a toast to L’Avenir Toastmasters.

28 September 2019 remains close to my heart – the day you were chartered.  You were named L’Avenir, meaning The Future in French, because I believed that you would do just that – open doors and unlock opportunities for many in the future. The first year has not been without challenges but we have overcome. Sincere gratitude to all the members who continue to make this club a success. As we commence our second year of existence, it is my wish that this unique Anglo-Francophone network continues to challenge many to be comfortable with being uncomfortable and that we continue to make this club great. Nous sommes L’Avenir. L’Avenir commence ici.

Happy First Anniversary, L’Avenir Toastmasters. Joyeux Anniversaire!