Social Event – The Toastmasters experience

As I reflect on my Toastmasters journey thus far, it is clear to me that it is not merely an educational but an experience. One which evokes all the senses and leaves you always wanting more! It truly is learning by doing. I tip my hat to Waterfront and Deloitte for hosting an intimate but invigorating joint meeting. Top of the chart was the room being opened
well in advance, allowing guests to virtually meet and greet before the agenda of the day.

Despite a late start, the theme of the day was engraved in every segment. The speeches were informative and in keeping with their objectives. A concise but relevant Table Topics session followed, challenging the audience’s attentiveness to the speeches delivered. The evaluations segment followed which escalated to an educational as the General Evaluator took the liberty to explain the importance of each role and the impact of delivery on the entire Toastmasters experience. From leaving the meeting room unattended once opened, with no banner or notice to welcome guests as they entered. To open ended feedback that is devoid of ways to improve. Not forgetting that Parliamentary procedures are still a must, lest our meetings turn into a circus. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience!