Spread the word – Grow your club

I am writing a book. What has this to do with Toastmasters you ask? Everything!

Think back to your first Ice Breaker speech – there may have been many Ice Breakers for some of you. What was the first thing you did when formulating your maiden speech? Put your thoughts down on paper of course. Now, compare authoring a book to writing out your speech. What is the difference? Nothing except a lengthier essay. As a matter of fact, there is much we can borrow from our Toastmasters skills in producing a book. In writing my book, my first thought goes to content, giving knowledge-value to readers. However, facts haphazardly put together will only serve to confuse. This is where organisation comes in to start with an introduction to the subject matter, support with the body of content and end with a purpose.

I know that I am not alone when I say that joining Toastmasters has helped improve my communication and leadership skills. At Toastmasters, we are able to think differently outside our comfort zones. It pushes us to a higher skill level so that we can explore our hidden talents. In addition, by completing our Toastmaster educational programmes, we are able to know where we stand via feedback. What more? The pandemic has impelled us to meet online which has opened new global learning doors and meetings with people from diverse cultures.

Lastly, there is the social side of Toastmasters. The relationships that you develop in the club up to and past District level are long-lasting and helpful in career placement. I am also finding out the skills I have developed have added to my curriculum vitae and made me more marketable.

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone who visited your club, ended up joining it? Sure it would! But maybe you’re thinking, how do we even get someone to visit our club? If you want people to join your club, you have to let them know it exists. Let’s get the word out!! Member recruitment is a common concern of Toastmasters clubs worldwide because building membership keeps a club strong and its members growing. Strong clubs will tell you that recruitment is a lifestyle. It’s not just a once-and-done activity, nor is it the job of only the vice president membership or vice president public relations. If every member adopts a recruiting mindset, you just may see a non-stop flow of visitors to your club meetings, and those visitors will become members.

With many of us now meeting virtually, the opportunities to attract guests to our clubs are endless. What’s your excuse? Let’s get tweeting, snapping, linking, tagging, talking and grow them clubs.