Thank you fellow Toastmasters…Until we meet again

Fellow Toastmasters,

As I reflect on the year that has been, I am grateful for the opportunity to serve alongside you. Thank you for embracing the team and for allowing us to grow and learn as Toastmasters and leaders. Going into the term, I knew that it would be a different year and indeed it was. It challenged us to try new things and push ourselves beyond the limit in service to you. Indeed, #EveryMemberMatters because you do.

This Toastmasters year was all about Striving for Progress and I trust that it motivated you to aim to be better than you were yesterday. There is so much to benefit from this ‘new normal’ and it is my hope and wish that you continue to strive for greater heights in your personal and professional life and that you reap maximum reward from the Toastmasters programme

The journey is far from over as we prepare to usher in the new Toastmasters year and new leadership too. I ask that you embrace them as you have us as we work together to #ExceedExpectations. 

Let’s continue engaging and sharing ideas as we always have – I am reachable on +2772 567 7389 or

Until we meet again..

Maud Nale, DTM – Public Relations Manager 2020 – 2021