The CFR League is REAL

There have been requests to access the CFR Dashboard. This is because members of District 74 are excited about CFR Leagues and would love to know how they are doing in comparison to others.

It is unfortunate that access to the CFR Dashboard has been revoked to protect members’ information. The initial solution to protecting members information was to hide members’ contact details on one of the sheets. This solution appeared not to be effective as by granting everyone access, everyone was then able to download the Google Sheet and unhide the hidden members’ contact information. It is for this reason that access to the Google Sheet has been revoked.

What will happen is that members of the District Executive and Division Fans will be granted access to the Dashboard on request. Clubs will then enquire through their Division Fan and/or Area Director to get a glimpse of the CFR Dashboard.

The CFR Team will continue to publish League Standing on Facebook and WhatsApp Groups to keep the members of District 74 posted on how members, clubs, Areas and Divisions are doing.

The CFR League is real and you may just be the next Most Valuable Partner.

Please forward any questions to

Gaoretelelwe Molebalwa — District 74 CFR Coordinator