You brought out the best in us

As Division H, we are mourning along with so many other Toastmasters, both in our District and internationally. Merryl was taken too soon, but what an amazing legacy she left behind.  It is up to each and every one of us to strive to live up to this legacy. What was the legacy? 

Merryl was one of the most passionate Toastmasters we have ever met.  Everything she did was for the benefit of the organisation, but she didn’t see it an the organisation. She saw all of us as members and was available to each and every one of us – even if she had never met some of us before. Once she heard that you were a member, she would move heaven and earth to give you what you needed. 

Her genuine care and concern made her the best type of leader, her goal was to see all of us succeed in what we set out to be. When you were working in a team with Merryl, she took the time to make sure that she brought the best out of you and she was your biggest cheerleader when you succeeded. As a Division, we will miss your support, but we will strive to live up to your legacy, and your visions for us.

Elaine O’Gorman, DTM

Division H Director