We have to keep the SIZZLE!

My very first email from you, was when you were Public Relations Manager. I was a newbie Toastmaster and getting a personalised email from you was so cool. Then I got more emails from you, as Club Growth Director, Program Quality Director…then boom I MET YOU!…then I was your friend…then your President…then your Division Director and finally team member!

We shared a lot of jokes, inside jokes…and I was just so inspired by your confidence and trust in me! You threw me in the deep end a few times, and you were always there to provide a life jacket if I needed one. Fortunately I swam safely to shore…now, I am part of the team planning your Memorial Service…this all seems so unfair! Merryl wake up, we have work to do…I wish I could wake you up.

You may be gone from our eyes, but you will remain in our hearts. The SIZZLE, we have to keep the SIZZLE!


Mel Awu

Division D Director, 2020/2021