Editors note – Happy Holidays!

Have you ever noticed the amount of energy you expend as you plan your Holidays? There are those like me who like to have their ducks in a row and start panicking at the thought of one duck losing its place! At least Toastmaster has helped me to tame that emotion. Then there are those who leave everything to chance. Whichever category you belong to, I wish you Happy Holidays. Make sure you carry a notebook and jot down all the drama that will become rich content material for your speeches in 2019. 

Thank you to all the members who have contributed to OAP for the past six months and those who gave me feedback. I have learnt and grown because of you. The skill I have made use of the most is  “Persuading with Power!” 

Please stay safe, and we will share more of our stories and experiences in 2019!

Linda Chimanikire  DTM