Editors Note – Teamwork

Team work is something I have realized some people take for granted. Sports highlight the importance of teamwork. My favourate sports to watch are Tennis and Formula 1. Formula 1 is about men racing in their fancy ‘toys” cars. The driver gets all the attention when the winner is announced for example Lewis or Vettel. Secondly they will mention the car manufacturer Mercedes or Ferrari. Nobody talks about the crew that helps the driver at what they call the Pit stop, the most fascinating part of the race for me. A pit stop requires a minimum of 20 members to change tyres (each tyre requires 3 mechanics) and also to repair the nose or wing of the car if it’s damaged. This team requires commitment and focus to achieve its objective.

Our clubs similarly requires at least 20 members to function effectively. Each member contributes to the club success in his or her own way and at the same time achieving personal goals. I would like to encourage you to be a team player. Show your commitment by attending meetings and your focus by pursuing the personal goals that brought you to Toastmasters.

The beauty is the club gets recognition as each member achieves their personal goals, and the brand Toastmasters lives on.