Execute to Thrive-Club Secretaries

“A goal, without a plan, is just a wish.”

For this month, your focus as the Secretary is to ensure everyone delivers on their commitment. It’s all about execution!
Does your club have plans to achieve the Award, Treasurer’s Excellence award and collect dues on time? Did your club submit a PR Plan on how you will achieve the Smedley award? Planning is critical to achieving any significant goal. As Club Secretary, your role is to document action points agreed at club meetings and executive committee meetings. You also can assist the President in tracking the deliverable by reminding each exco member on their action points.

Your club executive should have met at least a couple of times already. You should have completed the club success plan. Is everyone still on track with their deliverables? Is the VPPR following on the agreed PR action points for Smedley? Has the VPM met with all the members and found out their goals for the current Toastmasters year? Is the VPM following up with guests? Is the Treasurer following with each member of your club to ensure dues are collected and paid to TI on time?
Please assist the club in ensuring they deliver value to members by committing to plans agreed. Whatever the agreed plans now, this month, it’s all about execution. Execute, execute, execute!

Njabulo Thela, DTM
Administration Manager – District 74