District Director’s Note

Are you Grateful and Resolute?

As we near the end of a challenging year as Toastmasters I want to congratulate each and everyone of you for continuing investing in yourself and being flexible and agile as we moved to online meetings, which gave us new learnings and opportunities.

What are you grateful for?

I am grateful for the new skills I have learnt being online and the opportunity to visit clubs in all nine of our countries.

Never before has the Toastmaster Programme been as important to share with colleagues, friends and family so that they too can have the experience of upskilling themselves, developing new skills and honing their existing skills. Don’t rob anyone of this opportunity of becoming a better version of themselves, over this period speak to as many people as possible and share your Toastmaster journey with them. Perhaps you can consider buying someone the Gift of Toastmasters – watch out for our campaign from the 20th of December.

We are all looking forward to the New Year and the opportunity to set new goals and be Resolute in 2021