Division Z – Preaching about the best kept secret has lead to growth

Wow, what a year it has been. An abnormal and yet stupendous year. I remember getting into office and thinking to myself,  how on earth are we going to survive in these unprecedented times of Covid19 with all the lockdowns and restrictions. However, moving forward, not only did we survive but we thrived. The highlight of my year was being the first Division in District 74 to become Distinguished and then Select Distinguished. All gratitude to my amazing teams. We achieved greatness through teamwork, passion, commitment, resilience and sheer service. I feel beautifully equipped to provide leadership in my family, work, business, community and the world at large. All thanks to this priceless learning experience with my Toastmasters family serving as Division Director.

Trynos Dongo – outgoing Division Z Director

I’ve been honing my strategic thinking and planning skills for a few years now and this role will allow me to exercise those skills. Another thing that’s important to me is that the role allows me to empower and develop Toastmasters members. Touching lives gives me a purpose in life. I will be making impact!

I have been looking for a role where I can GROW —professional development is something that’s really important to me since I hope to take on more leadership opportunities in the future.

The Division theme for the year is GROWTH, personal growth for each member, growing quality clubs, expanding the Toastmasters brand across Zimbabwe and lastly growth as a leader.

Future Moyo – Division Z Director elect