It’s all about pride and team work with Lucinda Harman, the Division L Director

It shouldn’t be about you. Leadership is about stepping back and allowing others to shine too.

-Lucinda Harman DTM

As a critical thinking leader, Lucinda Harman, the Division L Director, takes the time necessary to make excellent decisions rather than choosing to make fast, ‘good enough’ decisions that can be hijacked by mindset, assumptions or bias. She had to really learn and adapt fast from coaching to being situational and intentional soon after she assumed office in July. For someone who never had leadership on her radar when she joined Toastmasters, just over two years ago, Lucinda has evolved since she said ‘yes’ to her leadership call.

As she rightly put it, “You definitely cannot treat everybody in the same way
because they have different needs and they are going through different things at different times.” She has had to be very strategic as the Division L Director, observing and giving advice, guidance and changing things with time. “It’s almost like sailing a yacht and having to change direction, do course corrections and making sure everybody stays on track without losing anyone along the way,” she added.

For Division L, which is comprised of just over 20 clubs, it’s all about team pride. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” This African proverb is one that the Division lives by. As a team, they are committed to walk together as well as achieve their individual goals, Area goals and Division ones. These proud Toastmasters are divided into five Areas namely Area L1, led by Ntsako Selaule, then Area L2 whose leader is Anke Stow, Area L3 with Lindokuhle Nkosi at the helm, Area L4 commandeered by Phaahle Makola and lastly Area L5 presided over by Andani Masikhwa . Division L covers Polokwane, Sandton and surrounding areas in Gauteng Province, South Africa.

Lucinda feels very strongly about the Toastmasters core values. “I am hectic
about integrity, huge on respect and service. I live by and strive for excellence.” A self admitted high achiever who inspires people everyday to be better and stronger, Lucinda emphasized that all these four values are about one applying them in their own life and being a role model who walks the talk. “Everything in our lives,” she said, “starts from within and then it goes outwards.”

Success for Lucinda means getting her team over the line, joyfully and strongly together, come June next year. They have all given her specific things that they want her to push, help or simply nudge them on. Seeing successful and happy teammates, with evidence of spectacular changes in both their work and personal lives would be the ultimate prize for Lucinda. “As the Division Director, I am driven. It is my duty to ensure that all the clubs and individuals are receiving the value that they have signed up for. I have a 2-3 year plan to create leaders for tomorrow so my team has different tiers and levels giving the youths an opportunity to start early. It will be such a joy, handing the baton of excellence to the next team knowing we have done our absolute best.”

With inspiration from such renowned leaders as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and notable mentors within District 74, Lucinda has learnt the importance of seeking respect over attention. She wisely put it, saying, “It shouldn’t be about you. Leadership is about stepping back and allowing others to shine too. I am putting the work in, supporting my team to achieve their own excellence and giving them their time.“ Lucinda concluded by quoting one of her mentors; ‘Team work makes the dream work.’

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