Mentor/Mentee – Nozuko Mkhetane and Nobantu Lebona

My name is Nobantu Lebona, I joined Toastmasters to improve my leadership skills and develop confidence in articulating my thoughts in the journey of life. Upon joining Mbabane Toastmasters in ESwatini, I was informed that as part of the journey I was to pick a mentor. I was spoilt for choice as everyone looked efficient in whatever role they were executing during the meetings I visited.

Choosing Nozuko Mkhetane as my mentor was the best decision I made. Under her mentorship I have, in under six months of being a Toastmaster, taken on the role of VPM. My most memorable advice from her in our six months journey was her saying, “You are a natural speaker, you have a way with words.” Hearing those words resonated deep within my inner self and I was assured that this mentor/mentee relationship is destined for great heights.