Mentor/Mentee – Rizwana BhadurKhan

If you had told me 2 years ago that I would be standing in front of a crowd delivering speeches and actively taking the forefront in Toastmasters roles, connected to individuals beyond borders and not being afraid to be outside my comfort zone, I would have sealed it as the best joke of all time. Now I can’t see myself going back! Toastmasters has pushed me to a place where uncomfortable zones fuel my drive to do better, where my confidence levels are boosted through in-club mentorship and my networking abilities emphasized. Through the Pathway Innovative Planning I have learnt to be mentored, network and communicate more effectively, write speeches and deliver them impactfully. I am able to see how the learnings in Toastmasters can apply not only to my professional endeavors but personal as well. I have yet to learn more as there is never a day without something new learnt when you take the step to become a Toastmaster. My name is Rizwana BhadurKhan from the Lusaka Executive Club in Zambia.

The doors of opportunity are clearly marked its up to you to open them.