PR for Success: Empowering for Maximum Impact

After months of planning, the inaugural PR for Success programme kicked off on Saturday 18 July 2020 with the topic Branding and Toastmasters and why it is important for us to uphold the brand guidelines to communicate a consistent message to our audience. Click here to catch up on the first masterclass

Sincere gratitude to our two facilitators for getting us started on a high note:

  • Gary Tintinger, DTM from Rosebank Breakfast Toastmasters Club who spoke about Brands and Branding for Toastmasters
  • Neide Tsenane from Maputo Toastmasters Club who took us through PR in Toastmasters: Communicating Your Brand

Aimed at VPPRs and anyone who seeks to learn about Public Relations within the Toastmasters context, PR for Success is a 12-month programme, which will cover various topics as it relates to Public Relations. Some of them include:

  • How to develop a PR Plan and track its performance
  • Customer Psychology – knowing your target audience
  • Developing and implementing a Social Media Plan
  • Digital Marketing
  • Public Relations through storytelling
  • Press Release and how to generate publicity for your club

If you are skilled in the areas of PR and believe that you can add value as a facilitator on the programme, please reach out to us on:

 We look forward to a year of empowering for maximum impact.