TLI Calendar- February 15 -March 31

Sat, 2018:00-20:00PR for Success  Master Class
Sat, 2009:00-11:00Contest Judging
Tue, 2318:00-19:00TLI Training Masterclass: Making real connections in this world of disconnection – Zoom works if you work
Mon,118:00-20:00Mentoring without
Wed, 318:00-19:00CGD Masterclass
Sat, 6TBAMeeting Roles &
Mon, 817:30-18:30Navigating Pathways – for New Members and those who need a
Tue, 918:00-19:00TLI Training Masterclass: Managing in a crisis make you a better leader. How do you do this?
Sat, 1016:00-17:00Succession
Mon, 1518:00-20:00Mentoring without
Sat, 2018:00-20:00PR For Success Master Class
Sat, 2009:00-10:00Speech writing – The Magic
Tue, 2318:00-19:00TLI Training Masterclass: How to get engagement from your team – what is the ingredient that you may be missing?
Mon18:00-20:00Mentoring without